MRCA Retail Conference 2019: Retail Strikes Back

The global retail industry has gone through an unprecedented challenge since the dawn of digitalisation and e-commerce. Supported by robust Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) ready infrastructure, the digital marketplace is able to provide the increasingly savvy consumers with greater convenience and vast options. For instance, the ever thriving e–commerce platforms have greatly reduced the search costs and opportunity costs among consumers, leading to a shift in shopping preference from the traditional brick and mortar stores to the e-commerce platform. As a result, the shift in consumer behaviour have led to a global “Retail Apocalypse”, a phenomenon that refers to the decline of traditional retail in the face of digital commerce.

In wake of the “Retail Apocalypse” phenomenon, a new world order in retail has certainly been shaped. Retailers of all kinds had to either expand their traditional brick and mortar footprints into the digital marketplace, expand into overseas market or consolidate in order to remain competitive. Also, malls of all kinds had to evolve from merely being places to shop to offering a whole new, well-rounded shopping experience for the consumers. Successful retailers and malls revitalize their business and use them to enhance fulfilment capabilities while the less successful ones are watching their space turn into necessary cost centres.

“Retail Strikes Back” is the theme for the MRCA Retail Conference 2019. The crème of crop in the retail industry will be invited to predominantly discuss and debate on the following exhilarating topics:

  • The current issues and challenges faced by both retailers and malls of all kinds at the local and global level; and
  • The cutting-edge strategies that both retailers and malls of all kinds need to embrace, develop and adopt in order to stay ahead of competition in the dynamic marketplace.

In order to ensure that the above-mentioned topics are delivered to the audiences with seamless clarity, the following two (2) panel sessions will be conducted:

  • Retail vs e-Commerce; and
  • Retail Space Transformation.

On top of that, the audiences will also be benefited by the value added speeches to be delivered by the Honourable Ministers from the Malaysian Government on government policies and the readily available incentives for retailers and investors.

The MRCA Retail Conference 2019 brings together some of the most innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs and retail chiefs that are enthusiastic to provide a series of lively and exciting presentations, debates, Q&A and networking opportunities.


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