Membership Benefits & Privileges

Training, Seminars & Education Programmes

Under the MRCA Academy, training, seminars and talks are conducted regularly for members’ employees to improve knowledge and enhance their skills. These sessions are also conducted to provide retailing updates affecting the retail industry, in particular so that our members are kept abreast with the current trend affecting their industry and businesses. Some of the sessions conducted are:

  • Sales Performance Training
  • The Power of Direct Relationship Selling
  • Personal Image Care
  • Franchising
  • Accounting & Taxation
  • Business Communication
  • Effective Digital Marketing
  • Successful Branding
  • Customer Care & Service
  • Merchandising

Overseas Business Opportunities & Study Tours / Inter-Companies Study Visits


Overseas business trips and trade missions are organized to enable members in exploring business opportunities beyond Malaysia. These visits are organized to provide the opportunity and exposure for MRCA delegates to learn from the various successful entrepreneurs and to explore the different levels of investments opportunities. In participating as a visiting delegation, Malaysian businesses can promote and exchange business contacts and also experience and the business models. These trips form part of MRCA’s long-term objective to promote and explore business opportunities beyond the shores of Malaysia and to encourage expansion amongst our members

Industry Recognition

MRCA believes Malaysian retailers have all the makings of a world-class retailer on par with the world’s best. In all the events and activities planned for members, through awards given, MRCA seeks to constantly recognize Malaysian retailers who have epitomized the model of a successful retailer in terms of national and global growth and those who have excelled in store design and visual merchandising. MRCA recognizes outstanding members for their contributions and support towards the retail-chain industry. We believe that these recognition awards will further motivate them to continuously improve and innovate themselves to be top achievers in the industry.

Aside from its dynamic composition of key players in the retail industry—retailers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, the MRCA is also affiliated with many government ministries such as KPDNHEP, Ministry of Entrepreneur Development, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Finance and more to come as we engage closely with them. MRCA is also closely affiliated with large influential corporations and organizations from various industries. We strongly believe that through these affiliations, our members will gain valuable recognition and receive the supports when needed.

Events, Networking & Market Information

Events organized by MRCA are to create and provide business networking platforms for MRCA members, industry players, government bodies and media. Through the attendance of Ministers and high-profile successful entrepreneurs as Guest of Honour and speakers, members gain better insights on improving productivity as well as strategies in enhancing business operations. In addition, with the attendance of other guests from various retailing sectors, shopping malls, property development, retail industries and government officials, MRCA events have become influential and prestigious. The highlight events of MRCA include:

  • Malaysia International Retail & Franchise Exhibition (MIRF)
  • Retail Conference
  • CEO Night
  • Anniversary Banquet
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Council Installation Night
  • Charity Run
  • Charity Golf

On top of that, MRCA also conducts a yearly retail sales survey amongst members. The compilation of up-to-date and reliable statistics is useful and important for members’ benchmarking and business planning purposes. These statistics also provide a basis for MRCA’s representations at meetings with the government bodies, media, affiliates and other industry stakeholders. With reliable data, we can articulate and further our interests and causes as an industry, benefiting all members.

Collaborations: Joint Marketing & Added-Value Promotion

MRCA is constantly engaging with other associations, businesses and Ministries and as a result members will benefit from many special programs, promotions, offers and deals specially designed for MRCA members.

Over the years, we have managed to secure many exciting and beneficial deals and offers for banking, automotive, flights, hotels, training & seminars,and conferences.


Member Meetings: Continual Updates

Our member meetings provide members with updates on the latest development in the retail industry as well as the opportunity to network and socialize with fellow retailers and business partners. In these meetings, members are also updated on the past and upcoming events to encourage more members to join and benefit from them.

Promotion & Marketing Efforts

MRCA publishes a number of specialized publications to cater to the different needs of its members. With MRCA’s intention to bring to its members the latest news, promos and announcements the fastest way possible, MRCA has come up with the Malaysia Retailer Magazine, our very own magazine published quarterly. We aim to highlight as many members as we can through this magazine by offering write-up and advertisement opportunities.

In addition, the MRCA Weekly E-News, an electronic newsletter which is blasted out every Monday serves as a platform for members to provide and market their company updates, news, promotions, announcements, events. It also gives a brief and updated summary of any upcoming events/activities as well as provides information regarding past events, MRCA organized training sessions, etc.

In addition, MRCA constantly updates its’ Facebook page and website with news that recognize all our retail members whether it be through winning awards, media publications, attending or organizing events, member company promotions and many more. As a MRCA member, one can look forward to such exposures which we hope will benefit their businesses in return.